Ahead of Derby Patriot: It’s 5 Things You Need To Watch Out For Persija

Ahead of Derby Patriot: It’s 5 Things You Need To Watch Out For Persija

Persija Jakarta faces a difficult mission when meeting Bhayangkara FC in Derby Patriot, Saturday (29/7) night. Victory is not an easy task for foster children Stefano Cugurra Teco considering the appearance of the team nicknamed The Guardian in League 1 is very remarkable.

They successfully broke the second position at the end of the first round of League 1. Plus they also won several times at home. Surely the same ambition also thrown troops Simon McMenemy in this fight.

Persija really wary if you do not want to be month-monthly Evan Dimas et al. Here are five things to watch out for Persija from Bhayangkara FC in Patriot derby match later.

1. Paulo Sergio

Their Marquee player Paulo Sergio is one of the keys to the success of Bhayangkara FC through the top flight. He easily fused with the team, proven in the last 15 games Sergio managed to score four goals and three assists. This positive trend is not separated from the foresight of Simon McMenemy in placing Sergio as a pit attacker rather than pure attacker.

2. Thiago Furtuoso

Speed ​​and ingenuity is the capital owned by Thiago Furtuoso. His ability that he proved in the last match against Persela Lamongan. Two goals created Furtuoso born from his running speed and his ingenuity off the offside trap.

3. Otavio Dutra

The experience of Octavio Dutra in the heart of defense really provides a sense of comfort for the Bhayangkara FC back line. The existence of Dutra is also the reason for the robustness of Bhayangkara goal from the onslaught of opponents.

4. Midline Creativity

Evan Dimas, Paulo Sergio, and Lee Yu Jun alternately contributed greatly in the process of Bhayangkara FC goals. Their creativity makes the attackers in front of him so spoiled with brilliant bait. Even if there is no Evan, substitutes like M. Ichsan are also capable of running the role in the central line well.

5. Simon McMenemy

The success of a club can not be separated from the hands of coaches who mix strategy. Simon McMenemy’s foresight in strategizing resulted in several important victories for Bhayangkara FC. Several times he was successful with the strategy of turning the player who tipped a goal into the opponent’s goal. The most interesting of course when he dared to pull out Furtuoso to be replaced Ilham Udin in the first round when opponents Persib, where the last name managed to score a closing goal.

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