Bargaining 4 Clubs, Dutra Hopes To Be Defended Bhayangkara FC

Bargaining 4 Clubs, Dutra Hopes To Be Defended Bhayangkara FC

The future of Bhayangkara FC Otavio Dutra’s doorstop is still a big question mark. The Brazilian is still not sure whether he will dock to which club or choose to survive in the Guardian squad next season.

Currently Fortaleza-born players were admitted there are four clubs that interest him at this time. But he still hopes to be maintained by the management of the club is headquartered in Bekasi Patriot Stadium this.

“The question of the future is still unclear but currently I still have a contract with the BFC until the end of this month. Once again I am still waiting. Hopefully soon there is a decision whether I remain in Bhayangkara or I am looking for another club, “said the 34-year-old player who wants to be an Indonesian citizen.

“I myself have been approached with four clubs but I still respect my contract as Bhayangkara. Talk well about surviving or not, later that new can be told. ”

While Persebaya’s interest to interest him, once again Dutra is reluctant to speculate. Persebaya itself is not a foreign team for Dutra, because he had uniformed Bajul Ijo and had a house in Surabaya.

“There is a lot of news, a lot but I still have not talked to Persebaya and have not had their meeting. But in the near future they can call me, we do not know, “he replied

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