Because Not Lunas, Milan Can Not Register Bonucci and Biglia

Because Not Lunas, Milan Can Not Register Bonucci and Biglia

Two new AC Milan players, Leonardo Bonucci and Lucas Biglia, have not been registered. Milan CEO Marco Fassone confirmed that the Rossoneri could not do that because they have not paid off.

Bonucci and Biglia are expected to take part when Milan melakoni Europa League qualifier against the Romanian club, Craiova, on Thursday (27/7/2017) night or Friday morning GMT. But because of the problem, the former Juventus and Lazio players can not enter the squad in this tour.

Initially, the issue of time suspected to be a barrier to the two new players entered the team. But Il Sussidiario reports that the transfer of Bonucci and Biglia has not been fully completed as Milan have difficulty accessing financial bonds.

But the Milan camp dismissed the rumors. On Wednesday (26/7/2017) evening, Fassone gave confirmation as well as guarantee that the transfer of Bonucci and Biglia will be finished on August 11th.

“Milan want to convince all the fans about the bond situation and make sure that on August 11 everything is fine,” he said.

This means, up to that date Milan can not use the power of Bonucci and Biglia in competitive matches. Nevertheless, these two players are expected to be available when the Serie A 2017-2018 season starts rolling 19-20 August.

Milan buy Bonucci from Juventus for 42 million euros (about Rp 656,462 billion). Meanwhile Biglia brought from Lazio with a price of 17 million euros (about Rp 265,710 billion) plus bonuses.

Previously, Fassone had already indicated the situation. On Sunday (23/7), he said that there is no name Bonucci and Biglia on the squad list submitted to UEFA.

“We have handed UEFA the squad list, you will not find Biglia and Bonucci there, the newly purchased player on Saturday,” he said.

“Do not you think this is a big problem because it’s just a technical problem with regard to delay and time based on the speed we use to complete this operation.This problem will be solved when we get back to Italy.”

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