Napoli Vs Manchester City, Waist Belt Banned Entry Stadium

Napoli Vs Manchester City, Waist Belt Banned Entry Stadium

The organizers of the Napoli match at Naples’s San Paolo stadium impose a ban on belt-wearing in the match against Manchester City on Wednesday (1/11/2017) or early Thursday This rule is not just for supporters of both teams because the staff and the media who come also must obey it.

As reported by Sports Mole, the ban on the use of accessories such as belts are still unclear, whether it is widespread to players and coaches. This rule was taken following a capture of supporters who carried out the attack using a belt as a weapon.

In the third matchday of Group F Champions League two weeks ago, both teams supporters clashed in a pub near Etihad Stadium, the headquarters of City. A tifosi of Naples was arrested by the police and sentenced to five months imprisonment.

“It’s really crazy,” said Kevin Parker, general secretary of Manchester City Supporters Club to the Daily Mail.

“I know they have a problem with Napoli fans who use the belt as a weapon, but since when did it happen in England? Why, all of a sudden, are City fans banned?” Parker said.

City are currently at the top of Group F by wiping out three wins in the group phase. While Napoli collected three points behind City and Shakhtar Donetsk for swallowing two defeats and one win.

Against Spurs, So Modric’s Reunion Game in Madrid

Against Spurs, So Modric’s Reunion Game in Madrid

The match that brings Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur seems to be nuanced reunion for Luka Modric, early morning.

The reason, Spurs itself is not a foreign club for Modric. This captain of the Croatian national team has four seasons to defend the team from 2008 to 2012, before moving to Madrid.

“After four years at Tottenham, where I reached the pinnacle of my career, I needed a new challenge to bring my career to the next level,” Modric told local media.

“Madrid is the ideal club for me. I hear they are interested, I setasas choices. “He said.

Modric claimed happy to play in the Bernabeu. Madrid headquarters which he regarded as the most beautiful stadium.