Klopp’s Response to the Question about the Champions Chancellor of Liverpool

Klopp’s Response to the Question about the Champions Chancellor of Liverpool

Hong Kong – Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp gives a sharp, logical answer and provokes laughter, to the question of the chance of champions Liverpool in the Premier League.

Liverpool are the second most successful team after Manchester United in terms of number of top league trophies in England. However, the Reds have never done so in the Premier League era, with the last league title achieved in 1990.

As one of the top English clubs, the question of “championship opportunities” often accompanies Liverpool’s move ahead of the new season. No exception in preseason ahead of 2017/2018.

In a press conference in Hong Kong, a BBC correspondent sparked the question to Klopp. “Juergen, can you win the Premier League this season?”.

At first glance this is a common question. But because it’s also the answer also should have been clear or normative ordinary alias. Klopp answered it exactly that, plus the humor flavor.

“The rules state that every team can win the Premier League, is it?” And then obviously that (winning the Premier League) is a possibility, “he replied with a big smile, provoking a small laugh in the room.

The interviewer apparently has not got the answer he wants and asked again what has made Klopp confident that his team have a chance to win the league. Klopp smiled broadly and replied, again jokingly, “The rules make it possible, so I think the BBC should be a serious medium.”

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– SH (@Sennesation) July 18, 2017

After that Klopp provide further explanation about the chances of champions Liverpool in the Premier League 2017/2018 season to come. He says his team will try to become champions, but it’s no use talking to them before the season begins.

“The beauty of the Premier League is that nobody knows what will happen until the end of the season, so maybe-maybe for us all (to be champions).” That’s a good picture, “Klopp said.

“However, saying it today and making it a burden does not help to make it happen, I feel very positive for next season,” he said.